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Three Divisions, One Mission

P2S consists of P2S Eng, P2S Cx and P2S CM. We’re three separate divisions that run autonomously within one firm. We share knowledge and expertise and continuously collaborate, meaning that staff with different skill sets and experience work with one another in complementary roles.


P2S Eng has brought forward-thinking, sustainable engineering solutions to California and beyond for over 30 years. We take client dreams and make them a reality with inventive, sustainable solutions fueled by the desire to make the future a better place.


P2S Cx services improve quality, decrease utility costs, reduce resource consumption, and diminish a facility’s environmental impact. We help clients create environments that will be safe, reliable, and energy-efficient well into the future.

Construction Management

The P2S CM division consists of dedicated owner advocates. We’ll guide your project from beginning to end, working to ensure that every aspect is completed on time, within budget and as expected.

Market Segments

  • Aerospace


    We have over two decades of expansive industry experience working with Aerospace giants like Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and others. We provide services like MEPT design, commissioning (Cx), energy studies, central plant optimization and infrastructure design for specialized facilities like hangars, testing areas, maintenance bays and electronics labs. Jack Singh leads the Aerospace market.

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  • Community Colleges

    Community Colleges

    Students use community colleges as an affordable springboard to launch their educations. Dozens of community colleges throughout the west coast have used P2S to maintain their facilities, design new buildings and renovations, and provide a range of other services. Wes McKean is the head of the Community College market.

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  • Federal


    P2S is proud to be a trusted consultant to the US government. We've done continuous work for the largest Navy shipyard on the West Coast, assisted the VA on hospital expansions, designed new labs for the FDA and renovated offices for the US Forest Service, among many other projects. With decades of experience delivering a broad range of projects at facilities with vastly different functions and requirements, our team is ideally positioned to help federal government agencies achieve their goals. Brad Lentz is the leader of our federal market.

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  • Healthcare


    Healthcare sector clients rely on P2S for flexible MEPT design Cx, CM, master planning and a range of other services like energy audits, central plant optimization and more. We have experience working on almost any type of healthcare facility you can think of, from acute care centers and patient towers to skilled nursing facilities and pharmacies. Mikhail Fuks leads the healthcare market.

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  • K-12


    School districts serve their student community; we serve the K-12 community. Our K-12 designers understand the limitations and requirements of K-12 campuses. We work with school districts to deliver new facilities and renovations that fulfill the needs of learning students. Kirk Anglin is our K-12 market leader.

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  • Miscellaneous


    We work on a substantial number of projects that don't neatly fall within a market. These include a substantial number of municipal projects like transit centers, city halls, streets and pedestrian walkways with cities across the state. We’ve also helped developers design mixed-use residential towers, retail centers and hotels that bring new life to cities and neighborhoods.

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  • Ports & Harbors

    Ports & Harbors

    Ports and waterfront facilities along the west coast have significantly benefited from our expertise and contributions to new standards. From shore power installation to zero-emission automated terminals, admin buildings and essential infrastructure, our port design team will provide the solutions ports need to meet the imposing demands of 21st century trade. Greg Alexander is our Ports & Harbors leader.

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  • Public University

    Public University

    With thousands of successful projects and wide-ranging experience on campuses throughout the country, colleges and universities trust P2S to design their facilities. From utility and energy master plans to LED lighting retrofits and HVAC assessments, our teams of higher education design specialists can help with campus renewal and growth. Aravind Batra leads our Public University efforts.

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  • Private University

    Private University

    Institutions like USC, Caltech, Loma Linda, and Pomona College trust us for engineering solutions. Whether it’s a lab, recreational facility, central plant, or administration building, our team ensures that private universities get the world-class facilities they need. Associate Principal, Aravind Batra, leads the private university sector. Aravind Batra is at the head of our Private University market.

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  • Specialty Manufacturing

    Specialty Manufacturing

    Manufacturing firms rely on our expertise to improve and expand their facilities and operations. We’ve worked with advanced technology, medical instrument, biotech and plenty of traditional manufacturers, and we know the demands these facilities place on owners and their staff. Ivan Thomas leads our Special Manufacturing market.

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  • Commissioning


    Commissioning (Cx) services help owners and managers improve efficiency, maximize energy conservation, enhance occupant comfort and lower operation and maintenance costs. Cx helps owners create built environments that are safe, reliable, and energy efficient. Bryant Mercado is our Commissioning leader.

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  • Construction Management

    Construction Management

    Construction management (CM) is the process of ensuring that construction activities are completed on time, within budget and as expected by owners. Our CM services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each project. CM services steer projects toward success and ensure owner requirements are fulfilled. Aravind Batra leads our Construction Management division.

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  • Energy


    Consuming less energy seems like a simple way to reduce operating costs. But finding the right Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) isn’t so simple. P2S energy staff creates energy master plans and energy models that help clients find the ideal ECMs for their needs. From Net-Zero MEPT design to building decarbonization, energy audits, energy master plans and climate action strategies, the P2S energy team empowers organizations to lower their energy use, achieve efficiency goals and plan for long-term, climate-friendly facilities. Taraneh Shoorideh is our Energy Services leader.

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  • Fire Protection

    Fire Protection

    Our industry-leading fire protection engineers perform fire hazard analyses, design sprinkler and gaseous suppression systems, fire alarm/voice evacuation systems and perform third-party reviews of life safety and fire suppression and alarm systems. We have team members who have worked with local and state-wide fire safety agencies, so we know exactly what clients need to secure their facilities and meet fire safety standards. Andres Jimenez leads our fire protection studio.

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  • Low Voltage Technology

    Low Voltage Technology

    Inside Low Voltage Technology

    Are you curious about what it takes to lead in the fast-paced world of technology? Look no further. In this episode, we bring you an exclusive interview with Karl Von der Linden, who has recently taken the helm as the Market Service Segment Leader at LV Technology.

    Our Low Voltage Technology group designs telecom infrastructure for clients across all our markets. They also design nurse call systems and EMR databases for healthcare providers; intercom, data network, AV and mass communication systems for commercial clients; and building access, security and surveillance systems for schools, colleges and universities. Karl von der Linden is our technologists-in-chief.

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  • Science & Technology

    Science & Technology

    Our Science & Technology personnel deliver innovative new designs for exhaust systems, have extensive design-build experience and are committed to making life easier for the entire project team. Clients can trust that they’re getting the best MEPT systems for their laboratories, cleanrooms, research facilities and other specialized spaces. Mikhail Fuks is the Science & Technology services leader.

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  • Specialty Lighting Design

    Specialty Lighting Design

    As specialists in the art of aesthetic illumination for both interior and exterior spaces, our goal is to deliver integrated and creative design solutions that exceed client and user expectations. Our Specialty Lighting Design Studio has 40-years of combined experience in design principles, light sources, luminaires, and lighting controls technologies. Gary Jewell leads our Specialty Lighting efforts.

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