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Commissioning Excellence: Transforming Challenges into Achievements

Explore how the P2S commissioning experts elevate building performance across all market segments to provide safe, reliable, and energy-efficient built environments.

Airside at LAX with P2S Commissioning

Commissioning Market Leader and Group Manager Bryant Mercado has been particularly active in the Aviation sector, serving as a project manager and commissioning agent on projects for various airlines and airport operators. Bryant gives an update on P2S Cx work at LAX while also discussing some of the major upcoming changes at the nation's fifth busiest airport.

Increase Commissioning Benefits with CxMS

The Commissioning Management Service (CxMS) is the remote management of commissioning activities by the Cx providers at P2S. CxMS shifts the value proposition for Cx services, lowering costs and giving additional training and skills to the owner's facility staff. Cx Market Leader Bryant Mercado discusses exactly how owners and their staff reap even more value from commissioning through CxMS and dives into use cases and past successes.

for Gold

In this exciting installment, we dive deep into the extraordinary journey of the Consolidated Rent-a-Car Facility (ConRAC) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). As a pivotal component of the ambitious Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP), this colossal 6.3 million square foot project aimed to revolutionize the rental car experience while tackling congestion challenges around the airport. Learn how the Cx team earned LEED Gold on this project when they originally aimed for LEED Silver.

Join us as we sit down with Manuela Ramirez, a seasoned commissioning agent at P2S Inc., who played a crucial role in bringing this groundbreaking project to life.


Evaluating Efficiency Over Time

Cx Insights: Analyzing Building Usage

Join us live as we delve into the heart of P2S Inc.'s commissioning process, where we turn visions into tangible building excellence. Discover firsthand how our experts blend innovation and efficiency to revolutionize the way buildings perform and serve their occupants.

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