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Industry leading fire protection design and Specialized fire hazard analyses

P2S Advantages

Fire Protection Services

Our expert fire protection engineers study the unique conditions of your projects to establish a complete fire suppression system that gives you peace of mind. We design sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, fire pumps, water spray systems, foam systems, clean agent systems, CO2 systems, smoke control systems and more. We can also provide either standalone fire alarm/ voice evacuation systems or fully integrated building management systems (BMS) depending on your specific needs.

Fire System Analysis

P2S performs specialized fire hazard analyses as required by building and life safety codes. Our fire protection engineers evaluate specific fire hazards, taking into account the intended use of the space and the expected presence of flammable and combustible materials. Our team can evaluate the water supply for a single building or multi-building campus. We also conduct third-party reviews of life safety, fire suppression and fire alarm system designs.

Why Choose P2S for Fire Protection?

With P2S, you’ll get industry-leading fire protection design and analysis. We utilize fire modeling analysis to assess tenability limits and egress time, which can result in significant cost savings for projects by reducing supply and exhaust air requirements and improving safety. We understand the importance of building safety to your occupants and we’ll communicate with you during every step of the project so that no fire and life safety issue gets overlooked.

Featured Project

Rancho Santiago Community College District, Fire & Life Safety Consultant

The P2S fire protection team lends its expertise for district-wide fire and life safety services at RSCCD


Santa Ana, CA

Project Overview

P2S staff is serving as an extension of staff for the RSCCD District Safety Department to deliver fire alarm and fire life safety specialist consultant services. As a dedicated consultant for the district, our team is coordinating and interfacing with several designated District and College staff. We’re assisting district staff to oversee, coordinate and manage the RSCCD’s Fire Management Protocol in accordance with Board Policies and Administrative Regulations, to protect life and property.


We’re overseeing fire alarm and life safety activities, providing continuous feedback, and suggesting recommendations to the District Operations Center Chief. Our efforts support the District to achieve its objective of maintaining operable fire alarms, and fire life safety systems in all facilities districtwide. P2S is assisting the on-going protection of life and property in a uniform and comprehensive structure of oversight and management. Our team is thrilled to provide this direct fire safety consultant services and is honored to have been selected to assist in RSCCD’s goal of keeping its entire district safe from fire threats.

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Service Leader

Andres Jimenez
Fire Protection Service Segment Leader

Andres Jimenez

Andres Jimenez has 12 years of fire suppression and plumbing design experience for new and existing facilities. He serves as the Service Segment Leader for Fire Protection. He has overseen and designed sprinkler, fire alarm and plumbing system projects for commercial, industrial, healthcare, educational, residential, and public/institutional facilities that meet Title 24 standards.

Andres specializes in the design of various types of sprinkler systems and gaseous systems for efficient fire suppression. His industry experience crosses numerous market segments and includes a thorough understanding of the DSA approval process and design requirements for higher education facilities.

Andres is a member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) and is a member of their Research Tools and Methods (RTM) Committee. He is also a member of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers.

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