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Safeguarding Tomorrow: P2S Fire Protection Solutions

Discover P2S’ industry-leading approach to fire protection where our expert engineers design beyond codes and compliance. With an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing fire safety systems, our engineers have expansive knowledge of the latest cutting-edge technologies. Join our journey to redefine fire safety standards and provide long-standing protection for buildings and their users for future generations to come.

Fire Protection Services for RSCCD

Uncover the ongoing efforts of P2S with the Rancho Santiago Community College District in enhancing fire and life safety systems long after construction completion. With comprehensive fire surveys and upgrades, alongside innovative recommendations, our fire protection engineers surpass basic requirements, creating a learning-forward environment that exceeds standard compliance.

Blazing Insights I

Discover the intricacies of fire protection engineering with P2S Fire Protection Service Segment Leader, Andres Jimenez, leading the way. Unlock invaluable insights and expertise in this dynamic field.

Blazing Insights II

Unveil the critical role of Fire Protection Engineering and its impact on your daily life with Alex Hoeft, an expert fire protection engineer from P2S. Explore how this vital discipline safeguards communities and buildings, ensuring safety and security for all.

Meet the Team

Andres Jimenez, FPE, PE, CFPS, CPD

Andres Jimenez has 12 years of fire suppression and plumbing design experience for new and existing facilities. He has designed sprinkler, fire alarm, and plumbing systems for commercial, industrial, healthcare, educational, residential, and public/institutional facilities that meet Title 24 standards. Andres specializes in the design of various types of sprinkler systems and gaseous systems for efficient fire suppression. His industry experience crosses numerous market segments, and includes a thorough understanding of the DSA approval process and design requirements for higher education facilities.

Alexander Hoeft, FPE

Alex Hoeft has eight years of fire protection design experience for new and existing facilities. He has designed systems for commercial, industrial, storage, healthcare, educational, residential, and government facilities meeting Title 24 standards. Alex specializes in the design of sprinkler, standpipe, and fire pump systems that optimize efficiency and ease of installation. He is knowledgeable in code and is skilled at communicating requirements for complex project scenarios. His industry background spans multiple market segments and includes experience navigating the DSA approval process.

Alex has also recently designed fire alarm and clean agent systems. On the consulting side, in addition to general project support, he has performed third party plan reviews for DSA, hazardous materials analyses, and building systems assessments. He has a Master's Degree in Fire Protection Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

He holds a Professional Engineer's license in Fire Protection Engineering in the states of California, Washington, and Alaska.

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