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Specialty Lighting Design

specialists in the art of aesthetic illumination for interior and exterior spaces

P2S Advantages

Lighting Design That Dazzles

We create harmonious interior and exterior lighting solutions for clients in every industry. Through our holistic approach to illuminating the built environment, we consider lighting from every angle. Our visually striking lighting schemes perform to the highest level, efficiently illuminating interior spaces, landscapes and blending exterior lighting into architectural features to create dramatic effects.

Attractive and Energy Efficient

P2S lighting designers take our trademark sustainable design principles and add a touch of space-enhancing lighting glamour. We deliver solutions that are effective, energy-efficient and stylish in ways that create uniquely lit environments that look great and consume less energy.

Illumination for any Situation

Our lighting team is equipped to offer solutions with services like photometric studies, daylight modeling, lighting audits, and life-cycle energy analyses. We also provide other lighting services like integrated lighting details, interior design collaboration, controls specifications and renderings.

Featured Project

LA County, Beverly Gardens Park Lighting and Power


Beverly Hills, CA


Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Awards, Royce Neuschatz Award for Historic Landscapes, 2020

California Preservation Foundation, Preservation Design Award, 2019

Project Overview

P2S was part of an award-winning team of designers and engineers who worked to restore the iconic Beverly Gardens Park. We provided lighting and electrical design for several blocks, which encompassed several points of interest including the Kusama Tulip Garden, Cactus Garden, and pergolas.


The project included design development plans for landscape, accent, and pathway lighting design. Photometrics were provided for light fixture layouts for the pathway and pergola. Our scope also involved coordination with the Los Angeles Department of Public Works during the design development phase. The completed project received awards from the California Preservation Foundation and the Los Angeles.

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Service Leader

Gary Jewell
Special Lighting Service Segment Leader

Gary Jewell

Gary Jewell has 30 years of electrical design experience ranging from tenant improvements to new construction. His experience includes power and lighting systems design for institutional, commercial, and industrial projects. He has extensive knowledge of lighting systems, products and applications.

As P2S Lighting Studio Leader, Gary employs his broad knowledge of lighting design principles and couples them with his ability to use the latest lighting design programs. This enables him to produce detailed lighting studies and analyses for numerous projects each year.

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