Brad Lentz | P2S

Brad Lentz


Vice-President & Principal & Federal Market Segment Leader

P2S Federal Market Segment Leader Brad Lentz is a skilled mechanical engineer and project manager with extensive experience in the Federal market. He leads multidisciplinary design teams at P2S, specializing in the development of innovative and energy-efficient designs for a diverse range of facility types, including waterfront, aviation, industrial, maintenance, administration, and healthcare projects.

Brad has played a crucial role in the success of several projects for the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security, working closely with federal agencies such as the US Navy, US Army Corps of Engineers, and US Coast Guard. As P2S's Federal Market Leader, Brad is proud of the company's contribution to helping the US government achieve its goals.

At P2S, Brad directs a team of mechanical engineers in Seattle to deliver high-quality designs that meet client goals. Brad has been instrumental in designing a broad range of projects, from hangar designs to medical and dental facilities, hospitals, dry docks, piers, office buildings, and maintenance shops. Brad emphasizes that federal work is exciting as it involves a wide-ranging scope of projects. His team is passionate about understanding project criteria and driving the project's foundation by initiating conversations with the client, asking questions, and diving into the details.

Brad highlights that one of the key benefits of working in the Federal market is the clarity of scope and deliverables. The scope of work is usually well-defined, and project constraints are clear, making it easy to define scope creep and protect P2S's fees. This is in contrast to other sectors, where scope may be less clear, and additional scope may be taken on without understanding the client's needs.

In 2022, Brad became a P2S Principal, and he is a certified Guiding Principles Compliance Professional and a LEED Accredited Professional. With his extensive experience and leadership skills, Brad is well-positioned to continue to drive P2S's success in the Federal market.

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