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San Diego International Airport

Central Plant Optimization

  • Location

    San Diego, CA
  • Market

  • Better central plant operations through monitoring performance

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  • Project Overview

    San Diego International Airport’s (SDIA) facilities management team saw the need for more in-depth monitoring of the system performance at the airport’s Central Utility Plant (CUP) chilled water and heating hot water systems. Our team is helping SDIA target central maintenance services and plant operation. Our services include remote and on-site monitoring with weekly analysis of system metrics. These diagnostic services will optimize the CUP allowing for more cost-effective management. Additional services include ongoing systems monitoring to identify maintenance requirements and working with vendors to meet those requirements.

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  • Solution

    The scope of work includes continuous monitoring, in-depth study of engineering and utility documents, sequence of operation evaluation, and a review of current system performance and efficiencies. Our team is providing an implementation plan for performance improvements over existing conditions. This plan will integrate all aspects of the SDIA CUP operations, maintenance, design and utility management. The plan includes the design of a CUP and Air System dashboard which allows for a broad overview of system efficiencies as well as the ability to view the energy consumption of individual system components.

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