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Central Plant Upgrades

  • Plant upgrades re-energize campus chilled water service

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  • Project Overview

    Our experts coordinated the critical replacement of the main chiller plant on the San Diego State University campus. Our work included the installation of two new 1,200-ton centrifugal chillers, cooling towers, pumps and a complete controls upgrade. The scope also included replacing the existing main 12kV switching station that served the west side of the campus and providing new electrical distribution within the plant.

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  • Solution

    The plant was originally designed without considering the best space dimensions for equipment maintenance. Our new design maximized the plant’s potential capacity using the available space more efficiently and integrating with the existing piping layout. We performed a laser scan of the plant’s conditions and then created a 3D model using Revit MEP. That MEP model provided a coordinated design that helped limit construction costs and meet the aggressive schedule to restore chilled water services. The new plant has two 1,200-ton centrifugal chillers, cooling towers, pumps and controls upgrades and a replaced 12kv switching station. Two 940,000-gallon TES tanks can deliver 22,000 ton-hours of cooling.

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