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Central Plant Design and TES System

  • “Financially intangible, but important from a customer-service standpoint, San Bernardino Valley College quickly recognized that they could rely upon P2S Engineering to quickly mobilize at all hours, maintain the HVAC production during the summer of 2014, and to design and execute complex correction activities. In addition, P2S Engineering is currently training the SBVC facility technicians on cost affective central plant operation.”

    Robert Jenkins, Director, Facilities, Maintenance & Operation, San Bernardino Valley College
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  • O&M services optimize and enhance central plant operations.

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  • Project Overview

    San Bernardino Valley College is one of the oldest community colleges in California, established in 1926. Today it has a student population of 17,000, with facilities spread across 82 acres. When the college’s central plant began having performance and operational issues, they turned to us to monitor the plant and resolve the issues. Our team monitored the plant both remotely, and in person to diagnose performance and operational issues. We optimized the operation of the central plant and identified required maintenance issues to promote efficiency and reduce operational and maintenance costs of the plant.

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  • Solution

    Our O&M specialists monitored the performance of the chiller, cooling tower, chilled water pumps, water treatment equipment and thermal energy storage. Monitoring and trending analysis was undertaken remotely through energy management systems (EMS). We also conducted weekly on-site visits to inspect for system irregularities that could not be monitored through the EMS. Our engineers found fault with the water treatment system construction and programming, which was rectified. When water treatment issues were corrected, chiller plant efficiency, capacity, and availability was able to be restored and improved. We ensured that malfunctioning equipment was appropriately identified and replaced by vendors further improving central plant reliability and overall performance. Resulting water/sewage savings were approximately $70K per year. Improvement in chiller efficiency saved the college $50k per year in energy savings. Our team also created a 20-Year central plant system operational needs and cost-planning program, plotting out maintenance and expected costs for the college.

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