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Golden West College

MDF Relocation & Telecom Infrastructure

  • Location

    Huntington Beach, CA
  • Project Dates

    December 2014 - September 2016
  • Construction Cost

    $2.5 million
  • Market

    Community Colleges
  • Innovative technology infrastructure connects a campus

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  • Project Overview

    When Huntington Beach’s Golden West College decided to demolish their existing library, they needed a new location for their campus main-distribution facility (MDF) and server room which had previously been located inside the now defunct library building. They decided to hire us to relocate the MDF and design new telecommunications infrastructure to connect nearly 20 buildings across their campus.

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  • Solution

    We designed a new MDF building for the school’s IT and telecommunications equipment. The relocated MDF building’s electrical system features a state-of-the-art emergency power system, a necessity to keep data operations ongoing in case of a power failure. The dedicated mechanical systems were outfitted with redundant standalone, thermostatically controlled cooling system to keep IT equipment at an ideal temperature. This system can automatically calculate the correct cooling specifications should the MDF configuration be modified in the future.

    We also designed new inter-building technology infrastructure. A new air blown fiber system which connects the new MDF building with all campus buildings via the existing campus duct bank system. The new optical fiber system supports the data, video, energy management, and fire alarm systems.

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