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Golden West College

Security Integration

  • Location

    Huntington Beach, CA
  • Construction Cost

    $3.5 million
  • Size

    122-acre campus
  • Market

  • Integrated security technology for learning and peace of mind

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  • Project Overview

    Huntington Beach’s, Golden West College is a two-year, medium sized college serving just over 10,000 students on a 122-acre campus. Our technology team developed a campus Security Master Plan and detailed designs for campus-wide video surveillance, access controls and mass notification systems, paving the way for Golden West to become an even more secure campus.

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  • Solution

    We planned the installation of over 200 cameras to provide views of the building’s main entry and exit locations, vehicular and pedestrian pathways, exterior gathering locations and parking lot areas. The mass notification system included the installation of approximately 22 emergency phones. Emergency phones are also equipped with speakers to broadcast campus-wide emergency announcements. These announcements are coupled with text notifications to alert students of events taking place on campus or near the campus area. We added building access control card readers to allow card read access and the ability to lock down classrooms and key areas locally or remotely from a centralized location in the Public Safety building.

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