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Long Beach Community College District

Video Surveillance System

  • Location

    Long Beach, CA
  • Project Dates

    October 2015 - March 2017
  • Construction Cost

    $5 million
  • Market

    Community Colleges
  • Campus security, elevated to precision

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  • Project Overview

    Long Beach Community College District turned to our technology experts to validate and enhance its District-wide Surveillance Program. The project efforts included an assessment of the two LBCC campuses, including Veteran’s Stadium and the LBCCD offices. Based on this information, our team provided engineering design which included determination of video surveillance system components and equipment locations, VMS and storage, as well as detailed site reviews of the campuses and buildings to determine the least cost and impact to the campus infrastructure.

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  • Solution

    After site surveys, but before we made detailed design documents, our team created a Basis of Design (BOD) which served as the foundation for the construction documents in narrative form and included camera types, lighting, landscape, BDF/IDF, network switch and bandwidth requirements, wired and wireless recommendations, schedule and phasing recommendations and cost estimating. The entire project was consolidated into one document for easy reference—we try to make things easy for our clients.

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