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Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District

Arc Flash Study

  • Location

    Lake Elsinore, CA
  • Size

    158 Sites
  • Market

  • Electrical engineering expertise mitigates Arc Flash risk

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  • Project Overview

    Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District regenerated the completely dry Lake Elsinore, and created an oasis in an arid, desert-like region of western Riverside County when it was created in 1950. To assist its mission of providing customers with safe, affordable water, P2S provided an Arc Flash Risk Assessment of electrical distribution equipment at over district 158 sites. Our team created a Short Circuit Contribution Report, an Overcurrent Protective Device Coordination Study, an Arc Flash Risk Mitigation Report and a final Arc Flash Risk Assessment Report for the district. We also held a 3-hour Arc Flash and Shock Hazard Electrical Safety training session for district electrical and maintenance personnel.

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  • Solution

    Our team collected data, verified equipment in the field, created one-line diagrams for all 158 sites and safely obtained equipment information for: distribution equipment types and ratings, conductor sizes, conductor lengths, overcurrent protection, and transformer ratings and impedances. We created power system study models in ETAP, based on the field surveys and verified as-builts. We modeled and analyzed switching configurations for the most conservative results for Short Circuit, Coordination, and Arc Flash. We also created and applied Arc Flash labels to distribution equipment at all 158 district sites. Our team began the project on January 31, 2017 and spent an estimated 1,300 personnel-hours. We deployed two teams of engineers and electricians into the field to complete the site assessment and data collection portions in seven weeks. We then prepared the Arc Flash Risk Assessment report in the following six weeks. We worked aggressively to meet the district’s 4-month completion timeline.

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