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Metropolitan Water District

New Operations & Maintenance Building

  • Location

    La Verne, CA
  • Market

  • Water treatment plant facility expansion keeps the water flowing

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  • Project Overview

    Our team designed the MEPT systems for a new Operations and Maintenance (O&M) building at the Weymouth Filtration Plant in La Verne, California. This two-part project was 17,000 SF and included expanded fabrication and coating shops. The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) is the largest supplier of treated water in the US and the Weymouth plant was the first plant built by the district. It treats water from the Colorado River and has a treatment capacity of 520 million gallons a day.

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  • Solution

    We designed cooling units with variable air volume (VAV) reheat zone that control the offices and telecommunications equipment room, while direct evaporative coolers and infrared heaters provide comfort for the maintenance shop areas. The O&M building electrical services included a 2,500-kVA pad-mounted transformer fed from the facility’s dual 12,470-volt distribution system. Electrical services for the fabrication and machine shops consisted of a new 1,500 kVA pad-mounted transformer fed from the site’s new 4,160-volt distribution system. We also designed emergency power for egress lighting, exit signs and elevator fire shutter controls, which we tied into the central emergency generator system. A new manual fire alarm system with strobes and speakers was installed throughout the facility, which provided communications back to the head house. We integrated the lighting system with daylighting controls to take advantage of the solar tracking skylights we installed throughout the building and shops. We also installed a Category 6 structured cabling system throughout the building to ensure sufficient future bandwidth through a 1000BASE-T data system. A flexible telecommunications infrastructure consisting of conduit and cable trays was added to support future generations of technology.

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