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Manufacturing Facility Expansion

  • Upgraded utilities, expanded manufacturing possibilities

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  • Project Overview

    When Hewlett Packard needed to expand one of its 75,000 SF printer head cleanroom facilities, we were with them every step of the way. Our team performed everything from trade studies and design, to construction documents, cost estimates, and construction administration. In addition to expanding space for the printer head manufacturing facility, we also expanded the utility infrastructure and made additions to the existing energy center. Most of the manufacturing space was made up of ISO Class 6 and 7 ballroom type cleanrooms

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  • Solution

    We fitted Hewlett Packard’s manufacturing areas with recirculating air handlers and utilities located in an interstitial space above the cleanrooms. The make-up air system utilized chilled water return for re-heat, eliminating the need for a separate diesel-fired boiler plant. The utilities we worked on included: uninterruptible power supply (UPS); recirculation air handlers; make-up air handlers; specialty exhaust systems and a large dust collection system. Piped utilities included chilled water, ultra-pure deionized (DI) water, reverse osmosis (RO) water, high purity nitrogen, oxygen and helium, clean dry air, high pressure clean dry air, house vacuum, specialty vacuum, process vacuum, process cooling water and pumped chemicals.

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