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New Labs & Renovations

  • Smart lab design upgrades research capabilities at Caltech

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  • Project Overview

    Beginning in 2013, our lab design team has been designing numerous world-class laboratory spaces at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Through design-build partnerships, we’ve designed a vivarium and other research laboratory spaces in several of the school’s many dedicated lab buildings. Close communication and a proactive design approach have been key to providing value on every design-build project. Renovated labs help Caltech researchers complete their work and the university saves money, a win-win for everyone involved.

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  • Solution

    Laboratory spaces share several unique design challenges which include strict ventilation and temperature requirements, contaminant control, and cleanroom functions. Because of the complexity of those systems, close collaboration with all design partners is essential to ensure ideal outcomes. Our experience leading numerous major lab design projects, has given us an in-depth understanding of the entire construction process. We bring this knowledge to every design-build team we join. Our engineers go the extra mile to coordinate from project kick-off throughout the design and construction phases to eliminate surprises that could cause delays. We also keep in mind delivery times– selecting and ordering equipment early to ensure that it arrives in time for tight project schedules.

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  • Labs Designed

    20 Labs

    • Beckman Behavioral Biology Lab
    • Beckman Behavioral Cryo EM Lab
    • Beckman Institute Siapas Lab
    • Beckman Behavioral Biology Thomson Lab
    • Beckman Behavioral Biology Tsao Lab
    • Church Ondrus Lab
    • Downs Laboratory of Physics Endres Lab
    • Downs Laboratory of Physics Hutzler Lab
    • Firestone Aeronautical Research Center
    • Gates-Thomas Building Thomas Daraio Lab
    • Keck Building Faber Lab
    • Keck Building Nadj Perge Lab
    • Keck Building Wang Lab
    • Keck Building Wei Gao Lab
    • Linde Robinson Frankenberg Lab
    • Mead Lab
    • Moore Building Marandi Lab
    • Oka and Hong Lab
    • Sloan and Kellogg Lab
    • Spalding Lab and Office
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