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Lowell Joint School District

Prop 39 Olita Elementary Modernization

  • Location

    La Habra, CA
  • Market

  • Prop 39 plan energizes sustainable upgrades

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  • Project Overview

    Lowell Joint School District in La Habra and Whittier serves 3,000, K-8 students at six different schools. The district had prepared an energy expenditure plan (EEP) for Prop 39 funding for lighting modernization efforts across its six campuses. Under further consideration, the district decided to focus these funds on modernizing a single campus rather than spreading the money across all six. That’s where we came in. We completed an amendment to their Prop 39 EEP to re-allocate the funds to HVAC and lighting at Olita Elementary School. We also helped by designing the HVAC and lighting portions of the modernization to Olita Elementary.

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  • Solution

    Our team identified mechanical equipment that needed replacement, where to place upgrades and calculated savings to investment ratio for Olita Elementary. When it came time to implement the EEP at Olita Elementary, our scope included upgrading the campus electrical distribution to provide 208V, adding three phase distribution with new wiring and panels throughout the campus, new lighting and upgrading to new gas/electric package rooftop units which will be ducted within each classroom. We also replaced exhaust fans, thermostats, mechanical controls, and the EMS system. Finishing touches included new wire, power for new rooftop mechanical equipment, occupancy sensing lighting controls, for the new LED lighting and roof mounted conduit infrastructure for data cabling.

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