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Campus Utility Infrastructure Mapping

  • GIS services for campus utility infrastructure mapping and telecom databases

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  • Project Overview

    The P2S GIS team created a utility plan set from as-builts, current CAD utility maps, and field verification of surface features for the Cal Poly Pomona campus. The campus was in the process of cataloging existing as-builts, so our GIS team spent time finding the plans with existing features and went through each of the as-builts with campus staff to determine relevant information to add to the databases.

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  • Solution

    We conducted meetings with the facilities team to keep them informed of the status of the project, solicit input and make requested changes at each stage. Electrical and telecommunication databases included conduit sizes and materials and the number of open and filled conduits. Recycled water and natural gas datasets had valve information as well as sizes and materials of pipes. Sewer and storm drain datasets included rim elevation, invert elevation of manholes, sizes and materials of pipes, as-built information for those assets and drains and cleanouts, as well as a manhole and drain inventory. The domestic water dataset also included meter, valve and hydrant information. Each individual asset also had the date of installation and the as-builts where the information was found attached.

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