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Cal State University, Northridge

Satellite Plant Cooling Towers Replacement

  • Project Overview

    P2S was contracted to perform a study at the central plant and satellite plant at CSUN to evaluate the chilled water equipment and provide recommendations to replace the eight satellite plant cooling towers at the campus. The satellite central plant's eight cooling towers had been failing, out of operation. Our proposed design involved the replacement of the existing eight towers with two cooling towers at a location east of the satellite plant building. Our design involved an energy-efficient solution (cross-flow towers) of two types of cooling tower options, a cross-flow or an induced draft.

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  • Solution

    P2S served as the prime consultant for the project, with cost estimating, structural, civil, and landscaping engineering sub-consultants. The two cooling towers each cool 3000-gpm of condenser water from 90°F to 80°F with an outdoor wet-bulb temperature of 72°F. The towers are supported on a steel and concrete structure above grade so that the water outlets to the pumps are from the bottom of the towers' basins. The underground piping to the chillers was reused as much as feasible without compromising the operation of the condenser water system. Power for the cooling towers was derived from the electrical panels in the satellite plant building. The cooling tower drains and overflow lines were connected to the sanitary sewer system on campus. The project scope also included providing a dedicated 4.16kV transformer to serve in tandem with the existing 4.16kV transformer to meet the Satellite plant loads and widening of approximately 250ft of sidewalk north of the eight cooling towers. The existing sidewalk was expanded to 20ft. The demolition scope included removal of the eight cooling towers, their concrete support pillars, associated condenser water piping, power conduit and CO2 lines.

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