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Electrical Infrastructure Assessment

  • Three-phase electrical assessment enhances port capabilities

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  • Project Overview

    Our engineers conducted an electrical assessment for the Port of Long Beach. This assessment was meant to determine the best way to validate and correct existing electrical design records, including as-built plans, site plans, electrical single line diagrams, source and load charts, and GIS map information. Correcting deficiencies in these documents will enhance the Port’s understanding of its electrical power capabilities and business continuity needs. The scope of work included a survey of the electrical infrastructure and risk mitigation services for 11 locations at the Port.

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  • Solution

    The assessment project was divided into three distinct phases:

    Phase 1 – Review of Electrical Design Records

    Phase 1 involved a review of electrical design records (as-built plans, site plans, electrical single line diagrams, source and load charts, and GIS database information) for accuracy. We also contacted Southern California Edison (SCE) for records of existing SCE-owned facilities at each site. At the completion of this phase, we identified locations, electrical sources and load inaccuracies in the plans and provided a detailed report to the Port.

    Phase 2 – Resolve Electrical Design Record Inaccuracies

    During Phase 2 of the pilot study we corrected the electrical source and load information inaccuracies identified in Phase 1. We prepared corrected electrical single line diagrams and site plans using existing electrical design records. The goal of the GIS update is to increase the management of assets, outages and increased accuracy of data of the electrical distribution systems in the event of an emergency or natural disaster to support the Port’s business continuity plan.

    Phase 3 – Develop Alternative Business Continuity Strategies

    Phase 3 determined alternate business continuity strategies to ensure electrical power to critical Port resources during an incident. We determined practical and efficient re-power strategies on a case-by-case basis. In addition, our team evaluated obstacles that could impede a successful implementation of business continuity strategies.

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