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Fresno State

Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades

  • Location

    Fresno, CA
  • Project Dates

    June 2013-December 2016
  • Construction Cost

    $25 million
  • Market

    Public University
  • Awards

  • 60-year old infrastructure upgraded to modern technologies

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  • Project Overview

    Fresno State obtained $30 million from the CSU Capital Improvement Program to upgrade its 60-year old electrical infrastructure which had nearly run through its useful life and needed major upgrades. The upgrades designed by P2S involved approximately 44,000 linear feet of trenching to install new underground electrical duct banks. We used smart design coupled with the latest technology to modernize Fresno State’s infrastructure with built-in flexibility for the future. We also optimized installations to minimize disruption to the campus community. We phased construction and notified occupants in advance of planned power outages and traffic delays.

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  • Solution

    Our scope of work for this project included upgrading the existing medium voltage electrical system which included medium voltage switchgear, underground duct banks, medium voltage cables and building substations at the campus. We designed a new masonry block building to house the main 12kV arc-resistant switchgear with increased safety measures and provided medium voltage duct banks and cabling. We replaced the existing 12kV/4160V substations in each of the buildings on campus and provided selector switches backed by a sophisticated SCADA system configured in loops to allow redundancy and individual building isolation. This state-of-the-art solution allows the electrical system to self-heal in seconds in the event of a major failure. The new substations provide spare capacity to meet the current and future demands of each of the campus facilities. All building substations campus-wide were also equipped with power quality meters connected to a centralized campus network for trending and real-time monitoring.

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  • (1) 1400 sqft Switchgear Building

    (33) Selector Switches

    (58) Manholes

    (67) Building Substations

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