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Building E04 EDI & RO Water Plant

  • Project Overview

    The Raytheon Technologies Corp El Segundo campus is currently utilizing a DI plant constructed in 1982. Its current use is primarily for two processes: cascading rinse baths in some of the labs and building-wide adiabatic humidification systems. Humidification mostly occurs during the dry “Santa Ana” months, so use varies throughout the year. Notable amounts of scale are causing continuous issues with the atomizing spray heads in our humidification systems.

    A new DI water plant is to be constructed in a different location so that the existing system can be demolished and utilized for other purposes. Raytheon is interested in the possibility of moving the new pH neutralization system to the new DI plant location as well. The district sample point would need to be moved. Another desired requirement would be to have a new system designed that produces minimal concentrate as part of the design.

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  • Solution

    P2S is the prime consultant for this project, providing civil, structural, plumbing, and electrical engineering and construction cost-estimating services. Our design team is also working with a water treatment vendor (Aqua-Serv) pre-approved by Raytheon to support design work for this project. The design of the new EDI/RO water generation system includes a two-pass reverse osmosis skid with RO water piping and accessories; an electro-deionization skid with EDI water piping and accessories; and 20,000 gallons EDI product tank, product pumps, final filters, ultraviolet sterilizer, piping, and accessories.

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