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Building R6 Chiller #3 Replacement

  • Location

    Manhattan Beach, CA
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  • Project Overview

    P2S provided mechanical, electrical and structural engineering design services as the prime consultant for the Building R6 Chiller #3 replacement project at Northtop's Manhattan Beach location. Building R6 in Manhattan Beach, CA, has three (3) 800-ton water-cooled centrifugal chillers providing chilled water to the building. Chiller #3 was installed in 1981 and is beyond its useful life. It was not in service and needed replacement.

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  • Solution

    P2S conducted a feasibility study to tie chilled water systems in building R6 and M5 together for redundancy and to create additional capacity. Our team delivered demolition drawings for the removal of a 4,160V water-cooled chiller with associated chilled water piping, controls, and accessories inside the basement mechanical room and four associated water pumps. We designed the replacement 4,160V water-cooled chiller inside the basement mechanical room and the installation of condenser and chilled water pumps with VFDs. We also designed the BAS system points and the Sequence of Operations for the new chillers.

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