Boeing Satellite Development Center | P2S

Boeing Satellite Development Center

Buildings S30 & S31 Cx

  • Location

    El Segundo, CA
  • Size

    118,000 SF
  • Market

  • Boeing satellites take a LEED into orbit

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  • Project Overview

    Boeing’s Satellite Development Center in El Segundo makes satellites for NASA, the US Navy and the private sector. They needed to verify that energy related systems at three facility buildings were performing as intended, so we provided LEED Fundamental Commissioning of the mechanical and controls systems, lighting controls, and domestic hot water system. Buildings S30 and S31 are 2-story office and storage buildings and we also verified a new 3-story office building.

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  • Solution

    We commissioned mechanical equipment like built-up air handling units, split system AC units, water-cooled chillers, gas-fired boilers, underfloor and overhead air distribution systems and the building automation system. Our team also commissioned the buildings’ lighting controls. We modified the chiller plant’s sequence to better meet its current load by working with the controls contractor and engineer to arrive at a manageable sequence. We also fine-tuned the underfloor air system to keep occupants comfortable. Our team worked with the controls contractor to identify high and low limits for the proper discharge air temperature to ensure occupants would not be over-cooled.

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