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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

LEED GOLD Consolidated Rent-a-Car Facility Cx

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  • Location

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Size

    6.3 Million SF
  • Project Dates

    2019 - 2023
  • Market

  • Project Overview

    The 6.3 million SF LEED Gold Consolidated Rent-a-Car Facility (ConRAC) is a key element of Los Angeles World Airport’s multi-billion dollar Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP) for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). With construction beginning in 2019, the goal of the ConRAC is to reduce congestion in and around LAX while improving the experience for the hundreds of thousands of travelers that utilize rental car operations at the airport each year.

    The ConRAC is the largest rental car facility in the world - a much-needed upgrade to LAX which has the second highest demand for rental cars out of airports in the U.S. This facility accommodates the airport’s current needs and streamlines the rental car experience for customers now and for years to come.

    The facility includes 18,000 parking stalls with 6,600 ready/return spaces, 10,000 idle vehicle storage spaces, 1,100 rental car employee spaces, 186 fueling dispensers, pick-up/drop-off areas, and a Customer Service Building. Amenities include concessions services, internet access and waiting areas. Additionally, the ConRAC includes a multi-level, 780,000 SF Quick Turn-Around (QTA) facility for on-site fueling, washing, oil changes and light maintenance of rental car vehicles.

    As a critical element of the LAMP, the ConRAC is designed to meet the current on-airport operators’ requirements and to accommodate the growth of and entry into the LAX market by independent operators. The other elements of the LAMP include Intermodal Transportation Facilities, improvements within the Central Terminal Area, a connection to the Metro Rail system, and the Automated People Mover (APM). On pace to be operational in 2023, the APM is an electric train system that contributes to LAX’s goal of reducing congestion. The ConRAC will be directly connected to the APM, which will operate 24/7 and be free for all users. The ConRAC to APM connection will expedite and improve the experience for rental car users arriving and leaving the airport.

    LEED Gold certified, the facility spouts several key sustainable elements such as native drought-tolerant landscaping, reclaimed water usage, and a photovoltaic solar system estimated to generate 8,400-megawatt hours annually. Additionally, by consolidating 20+ external rental car operations into one convenient location, ConRAC will ease congestion in the surrounding communities and the boarding areas at the airport.

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  • Solution

    P2S was trusted to be the exclusive commissioning sub-contractor to PCL Construction. Our team was tasked with constructing and commissioning multiple building areas with various equipment and systems.

    Our team provided LEED Enhanced Commissioning under LEED v4 for the following systems:

    • HVAC
    • Building Control Systems
    • Lighting, Controls, and Daylighting Controls
    • Electrical Systems (Service, Distribution and Emergency)
    • Renewable Energy, including Photovoltaic System
    • Domestic Hot Water System
    • Plumbing Systems (Pumps and Controls)
    • Irrigation System
    • Water Reuse Systems
    • Carwash Systems
    • Fueling Systems
    • Compressed Air Systems
    • Building Envelope (EA Credit Enhanced Option 2)

    With such a large project, organization is vital in ensuring all equipment is commissioned properly and that nothing falls through the cracks. The P2S Cx team developed an extensive commissioning plan that outlined all the commissioning tasks and various document tracking logs. Weekly commissioning coordination meetings were held to ensure everyone on the Cx team was on the same page. Additionally, the project was split into two main groups of buildings (1. Read Return/Idle Storage with CSB & APM and 2. QTA Facility & DWP Building with Primary Fire Command Center).

    The P2S Cx team’s services and organization strategies helped contribute to this successful project. Following completion of the APM and tenant build outs in the office areas, the ConRAC will be available for LAX passengers in 2024.

    This project was LEED Gold certified in June 2023.

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