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United Airlines

LAX Technical Operations Center Cx

  • Location

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Cost

    $352 Million
  • Market

  • Awards

    LEED Gold Certified
  • Project Overview

    P2S Cx provided LEED Enhanced Commissioning and Monitoring Based Commissioning services for the new United Airlines Technical Operations Center at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The $352 million project is comprised of a 2-story, 173,679 SF Aircraft Maintenance Complex (AMCX), a 160,000 SF Hangar, and a 59,288 SF Ground Service Equipment (GSE) & Facility Maintenance (FM) Complex. This project is LEED Gold certified.

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  • Solution

    P2S Cx commissioned numerous systems for the facility, including:

    • HVAC Systems
    • Rooftop Units
    • Variable Air Volume Terminal Units
    • Supply Fans
    • Exhaust Fans
    • Welding Hood
    • Oscillating Fan
    • Mechanical Louvers
    • Dust Collector
    • Computer Room Air Conditioning Units (CRAC)
    • Split System Air Conditioning Units
    • Packaged Gas Fired Makeup Air Units
    • Heating Hot Water System
    • Boilers
    • Hot Water Pumps
    • Electrical System (Service and Distribution)
    • Switchgear
    • Panelboards
    • Emergency Generator
    • Automatic Transfer Switch
    • Utility Service Pits, 400Hz Power
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Domestic Hot Water System
    • Gas Fire Water Heaters
    • Electric Water Heaters
    • Circulation Pumps
    • Domestic Water Heater (Point of Use)
    • Compressed Air System
    • Air Compressors
    • Fire Protection and Fire Alarm Systems
    • Hangar Doors
    • Overhead Cranes and Controls

    P2S Cx overcame several challenges throughout the project, including facilitating coordination within a large team that included the General Contractor, MEP subcontractors, Fire Life Safety team, Mega Hangar Doors manufacturer’s rep, Aircraft Utility Pit contractors, and United Airlines. Coordinating strict security measures was another challenge, especially while integrating the BMS controls into LAX’s CAAMs system. Notably, the Hangar and GSE buildings were designed by two different engineering firms, FSB being the designer for the Hangar and Rivers & Christian and PBS being the designers for the GSE building. This required P2S Cx to bridge the gap between the two buildings and be meticulous about testing and verifying each installation individually without assuming that they functioned similarly.

    The complex was substantially completed in October 2021 and is now occupied and operating. 

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