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LAX Southwest Airlines

Terminal 1 Cx

  • Location

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Project Date

    September 2014 - Spring 2018
  • Construction Cost

    $508 million
  • Market

  • Commissioning services clear terminal modernization for take-off

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  • Project Overview

    LAX and Southwest Airlines are currently engaged in a $508 million modernization of 30-year-old Terminal 1. The renovations will improve the interior, expand security lines, automate checked bagging, reduce wait times and ease traffic congestion on the infamous World Way loop. Southwest is also replacing building systems with modern and efficient equipment. To aid the effort, P2S Cx is commissioning the renovated terminal building’s HVAC equipment, controls systems, domestic hot water heating, domestic water booster, sump and sewage ejector, lighting controls and emergency power. Our Cx activities have been in close coordination with the project’s contractor, which led to the project achieving its scheduled completion.

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  • Solution

    Construction is in progress, with the new main electrical switchgear energized and its associated HVAC services recently tested. The new main pump room is nearing completion with pipe flushing scheduled to begin shortly. P2S Cx worked with LAX and the project team to test the project phase by phase, as the equipment became ready for testing. This project has a long multiple-phase implementation with the Cx Plan being adjusted to account for phasing requirements. It also requires working in recently occupied spaces, so steady coordination has been critical for our team’s success.

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