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P-416 Pacific Missile Range Facility Power Grid Consolidation

  • Location

    Kekaha, Kauai, HI
  • Project Dates

    October 2018 - May 2022
  • Cost

    $21 Million
  • Delivery Method

  • Market

  • Project Overview

    The Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) is located in Kekaha, Kauai, HI. The existing base electrical infrastructure was served by Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) via three independent 12.47kV distribution feeders from their Mana Substation that consisted of a combination of overhead electrical lines and underground infrastructure. The project provided pad-mounted switchgear for grid isolation and equipment protection; medium voltage cables, splices, and terminations to connect the pad-mounted switchgear lineups; and utility interconnections to allow load sharing and power distribution between the separate incoming feeders from KIUC.

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  • Solution

    This project consolidated the PMRF electrical power distribution systems by connecting multiple independent systems into one continuous system by electrically connecting the Administration/Range Operations (Admin/Range Ops) Area, Support Facilities/Housing Area, and Kokole Point Area grids to facilitate power transfer from areas that have excess renewable energy to other grids on the installation. This increased overall system efficiency, reduced energy costs and increased renewable power and energy security. Integrating these grids required 12.47kV switching stations consisting of pad-mounted switchgear where each existing utility feeder enters the base.

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