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NAVFAC Southwest Pier 8 Replacement

  • Location

    San Diego, CA
  • Square Footage

  • Construction Cost

    $93 Million
  • Market

  • Project Overview

    P2S Inc. worked with the NAVFAC Southwest in support of the $93 million Pier 8 Replacement at Naval Base San Diego. Specifically, the Navy replaced the existing pier with a new single deck 117 ft. by 1,600 ft. (187,200 sf) General Purpose Berthing Pier which provides capacity for four large ship berths.

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  • Solution

    P2S is the electrical engineer of record for the project and was responsible for designing the new site electrical and communications utility system for the Pier 8 facility which consists of all power, lighting, security, telecommunications, grounding, and fiber optic cabling.

    The backland electrical design included 3,200 feet of new 15kV ductbank installed through the operating Navy Base and modifications to the 15kV Vesta and J switching stations that distribute power at the facility. The Pier 8 medium voltage infrastructure is designed in compliance with UFC 4-150-02, Dockside Utilities for Ship Service and consists of two 8/10 MVA 12.47kV-4.16kV skid-mounted shore power substations with 12.47kV voltage regulators, eight 4MVA 12.47kV-480/277V skid-mounted shore power substations, and two 2.5MVA 12.47kV-480/277V industrial substations arranged in multi-loop configuration and connected with over 7,000 feet of new 15kV feeders though SF6 gas insulated switches which provide redundancy and resiliency for maintenance and operation of the Pier. The medium voltage infrastructure is networked via fiber optic cable to the Navy Base SCADA UCS, which allows monitoring of switchgear and breaker status, remote control of substation switchgear breakers, and metering and load recording of individual circuits.

    The Pier 8 lighting system is designed in accordance with UFC 3-530-01, Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems and Controls and illuminates the pier with a combination of 100’ high mast poles and 16’ area poles with LED flood luminaires to help provide security and safety for waterfront operations. The telecommunications infrastructure is distributed via six signal system mounds which integrate the telephone, data, fire alarm, cable TV, and LAN networks for the pier.

    Both design and construction for the project was completed on-time and on-budget, with construction wrapping up in 2021.

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