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P356 CVN Maintenance Pier Replacement

  • Location

    US Navy, P356 CVN Maintenance Pier Replacement
  • Project Dates

    June 2008 – February 2012
  • Delivery Method

  • Market

  • A new maintenance pier supports U.S aircraft carriers at Kitsap-Bremerton.

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  • Project Overview

    This design-build project replaced a CVN (aircraft carrier) maintenance pier at Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton with a new 85-ft-wide by 1,325-ft-long facility. The scope included demolishing the existing Pier Bravo and constructing a new ship repair pier, including replacement of approximately 300 linear feet of quay wall, strengthening of the sheet pile wall west of the Dry Dock 6 mole, and demolition of Pier 8. The new pier is used for berthing of CVN-class aircraft carriers and supporting vessels and submarines for repair operations.

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  • Solution

    The mechanical utilities consist of piping and utility connection stations for freshwater, pure water, saltwater, collect-hold-transfer (CHT, typically sewage), bilge and oily waste, compressed air, high pressure compressed air, steam, and storm sewer.

    The utility piping mains for this pier were routed in concrete utility trenches designed to keep piping out of the water. Clean and dirty utility trenches with removable lids were provided, with freshwater (potable) in the clean trench and sanitary sewer (collect hold and transfer) piping routed in the dirty trench. Other utilities share the trenches depending on cleanliness. The removable lids allow access to piping, valves, and other appurtenances by maintenance personnel. The steam piping was insulated and had a waterproof insulation jacket. The freeze valves were used on potable and saltwater piping to prevent freezing. We routed uninsulated steam condensate in the utility trenches to keep trench temperatures above freezing as an additional precaution.

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