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Boeing Seal Beach

Building 89 Cx

  • Project Overview

    The Boeing Company fully renovated the Building 89 office and warehouse located at its Seal Beach facility to meet its business requirements. The new facility houses the DCF program and consists of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) and meets Intelligence Community Standards (ICS 705-1) for physical and technical security specifications.

    The new construction features new SCIF spaces for the entire project and includes a Tier II data center as outlined by the uptime institute. The facility also has a security office, lobby, staging areas, conference rooms, collaboration/huddle rooms, restrooms and kitchen/break area. In addition, the SCIF space includes open cubicle office spaces and a customer reception conference room. A new fence perimeter with turnstile access and vehicular gate was constructed on the east side of Building 89.

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  • Solution

    At Building 89, P2S commissioned the HVAC system, power distribution, emergency power, lighting controls (internal and external), domestic hot water system, public address system, and cooling water systems. The mechanical system included a central utility plant which included three chillers, three cooling towers, chilled water heat exchangers for cooling water (data center cooling racks), heating hot water systems, air handling units, VAVs, computer room AC units, and split systems. The electrical system included emergency generators, unit substations, automatic transfer switches, uninterrupted power supplies with battery cabinets, power distribution units, switchboards, and meters.

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