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Family Maternity Medical Center Renovation

  • Project Overview

    EvergreenHealth (EH), a Seattle-based public district hospital, renovated the Family Maternity Center (FMC) at its campus in Kirkland, WA — the renovation allows EH to provide the highest quality care for prospective parents and newborns in the growing local community.

    After assessing existing FMCs in the region through a national Labor and Delivery Consultant, EH set out with several goals to ensure the renovations allow their team to continue to provide optimal care.

    The goals of the project include:

    1.) Increase access to stabilization and resuscitation equipment for all newborns.

    2.) Increase capacity and ensure patients receive care in single-occupancy rooms through 13 additional neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) rooms.

    3.) Enhance and modernize all facilities related to the continuum of care for newborns and their families.

    4.) Address equipment and other vital needs to enhance care for babies in the NICU.

    The approximately 100,000 SF renovation occurred in the Blue building. Originally constructed in 1990, the Blue building has a total of six levels of patient care. This project renovated the level two labor delivery recovery postpartum rooms, the level four NICU and converted level five patient rooms to antepartum rooms. In addition to the renovated floors, a new Emergency Department dedicated to the labor and delivery function was designed to support newborns and families.

    The Blue building consists of three floors of patient rooms, one floor that supports eight primary operating rooms and one floor with cardiac and procedural catheterization labs, including the recently completed biplane stroke intervention room.

    The project utilized the recently vacated critical care unit as temporary labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) rooms to start construction. We also phased construction to allow for operations to be maintained throughout the process.

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  • Solution

    P2S provided mechanical, plumbing and fire protection engineering services for the renovation of the FMC. Our team provided complete bid documents for the following systems:

    • Ductwork and HVAC to meet the heating, cooling, exhaust, and ventilation requirements of the 2018 FGI Guidelines and ASHRAE 170-2017.
    • Plumbing systems including domestic water, waste, vent, and medical gas systems.
    • Fire protection performance specification and select piping revisions to coordinate with modifications to other systems.
    • Project specifications

    The mechanical, medical gas and plumbing systems were upgraded to provide the current best practice of indoor air ventilation and patient services. Notably, the existing air handlers were upgraded with fan arrays to correct capacity and reliability deficiencies. P2S worked closely with the manufacturer and McKinstry, the Mechanical Contractor, to ensure all components fit through the existing access doors. By using the existing doors, the units maintain their cabinet integrity and are less prone to air leakage in the future.

    EvergreenHealth has remained a leader in the best place to have a baby, stay in the hospital or even have a meal in the café. This project will help them continue that commitment.

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