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Fresno State

Campus Wide Energy Conservation Study

  • Location

    Fresno, CA
  • Project Dates

    November 2016 - November 2017
  • Size

    3.1 million GSF
  • Market

  • A study in efficiency gives a campus options to control its future

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  • Project Overview

    Fresno State contracted P2S to complete an audit of the central heating and cooling plants and over 80 buildings on campus. The goal of the audit was to identify measures to improve system efficiency, minimize operational and maintenance costs and make their campus more comfortable for occupants. We completed high-level ASHRAE 1.5 audit and recommendations for upgrades to the buildings systems and central plant. We analyzed the mechanical and lighting systems in every building to identify upgrades and energy conservation measures (ECMs). We also identified capital measures such as replacement of air handling units and larger equipment such as the chillers and cooling towers at the central plant. We then calculated operational and maintenance savings, estimated the rate of return of investment and simple payback.

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  • Solution

    We also identified $42 million in air handler replacement projects as well as $12 million for additional controls upgrades. The study also found $7 million in lighting retrofit and replacement measures. The total estimated savings for individual building measures is $1.3 million, with an added $2.7 million in incentives. Overall, we identified 16 different ECM categories across campus. We also evaluated the central heating and cooling plant and recommended new energy efficient equipment, locations for satellite heating plants for use during warmer months and costs for replacing HHW and CHW distribution piping. We estimate the replacement plant will have a net reduction in annual operating costs of at least $150,000, in addition to utility incentives of $170,000. Our energy team proposed construction phasing for the central plant equipment and individual building ECMs and then delivered all our findings and recommendations to Fresno state in one, 113-page report.

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