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UC San Diego

Revelle Switching Station

  • Location

    San Diego, CA
  • Project Date

    May 2014 - September 2017
  • Construction Value

    $12 million
  • Size

    3,800 SF
  • Market

    Public University
  • UCSD switching station replacement brings improved campus electrical capacity

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  • Project Overview

    Our team worked on a new 12kV Switching Station to serve current and future facilities at the School of Medicine at UC San Diego. The new switching station replaces the existing Revelle Switching Station that currently serves the School of Medicine facilities and provides the campus with expanded capacities to meet the demands of the future facilities planned at the School of Medicine. The new switchgear is served from the existing main East Campus Switching Station at the campus.

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  • Solution

    The new station comprises of a new three sectional 12kV switchgear equipped with 15kV vacuum breakers, SEL relays, arc flash detection, new cabling and associated accessories. The existing 15kV breaker cubicle at the existing East Campus Switching Station was modified to accept a 2000A breaker and new 15kV cables were provided to serve the third section of the new Revelle Switchgear. The existing breakers and 15kV cables at the ECSS were utilized to serve the new two sections of the Revelle Switchgear. New underground duct banks, manholes and feeders from the East Campus Main Substation to the new Revelle Switching Station were provided to serve the proposed third section of the switching station. Our design included considerations for temperature rise due to grouping of ductbanks/medium voltage cables. Necessary calculations using ETAP software were conducted to determine the de-rating of conductors. Our design also considered load balancing and short circuit availability and coordination among the two switching stations.

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