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Southwest Quadrant Steam Line Replacement

  • Project Overview

    The purpose of this project is to enable building readiness for an alternative to steam line replacement and decommissioning the steam system in the Southwest Quadrant of San Jose State. Sweeney Hall, MacQuarrie Hall, and Duncan Hall will receive new water-to-water heat pumps (WWHP, along with chilled water and hydronic heating piping modifications, miscellaneous architectural, and fire suppression efforts, building electrical power, and building controls integration required to support and operate the newly installed WWHP equipment. The system will work in concert with the new satellite utility plant, interacting with the new air-to-water heat pumps , and also provides a means of reducing campus reliance on fossil fuels.

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  • Solution

    P2S is doing field investigation and confirming the applicable systems at the three buildings. Our scope will include providing a report outlining building systems recommendations for future modifications. The systems include building envelope (windows, doors, insulation), zone level VAV modifications, HVAC and electrical equipment replacements, building controls systems, and energy compliant controls sequences of operations. The mechanical design will include specific existing system modifications and components replacements of the hydronic heating system to include air handlers heating water coils, circulation pumps, isolation valves, control valves, heating water piping, and upgrading from a constant velocity, non-redundant system, to a variable flow redundant pump system. The chilled water system will include piping modifications, isolation valves, control valves as required for the WWHP integration into the campus chilled water distribution system.

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