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Building X Central Plant Expansion

  • Project Overview

    Long Beach City College (LBCC) has master plans for expanding its Liberal Arts Campus (LAC) with additional buildings in the coming years. To accommodate an increase in future CHW loads from the new buildings, the existing central plant needed an expansion of cooling capacity. The community college also wanted to add electrical redundancy through a new switchgear building and upgrade the existing controls system to Trane.

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  • Solution

    P2S assessed the existing central plant and provided MEP services for a chiller upgrade, eight chilled water and condenser water pump replacements, and four new cooling towers. Additionally, P2S provided a new electrical switchgear building, upgraded the central plant's controls system, and upgraded the refrigerant monitoring and alarm system.

    P2S encountered several challenges during the project, including a lack of extra space in the existing central plant's enclosure. In order to increase plant capacity via larger equipment, the project team had to carefully work within the limits of the existing space while keeping clearance for maintenance and piping connections. Another challenge was the new sequence of operations for the controls upgrade portion of the project, which is often complex to program. The new plant sequence required careful planning to ensure the equipment operated as intended. Another difficult element was that the construction had to be phased, so the plant would not shut down during the work. The project team isolated, removed and replaced equipment while the remainder of the plant continued to operate. These solutions helped the project team successfully meet the College's goals and close out the project with minimal plant shutdowns.

    The solutions implemented in this project will allow LBCC to continue pursuing its master plan and the expansion of the LAC campus.

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