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Cypress College

Central Plant Feasibility Study, Design-Build Criteria, Design Peer Review & Cx

  • Location

    Cypress, CA
  • Facility Type

    Central Plant, Thermal Energy Storage Tank
  • Project Dates

    December 2014-January 2018
  • Size

    10,000 ton-hours of chilled water storage; 1,200-tons of chiller capacity
  • Delivery Method

  • Market

    Community Colleges
  • A new central plant nets a million-kilowatt hour reduction in energy use.

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  • Project Overview

    Cypress College was considering a central plant to replace chillers at six north side campus facilities. They wanted to consult an expert to weigh their options, so they turned to us for a feasibility study. We helped them consider various approaches, estimated future chilled water loads based on their campus master plan, and provided technical feasibility studies and cost estimates. After Cypress settled on the right plan for their new central plant, we assisted them to create the design-build criteria for the plant, a 960,000-gallon above ground thermal energy storage(TES) tank and new chilled water distribution system. Once Cypress awarded a contract to a team to develop the construction documents, obtain DSA approval and to build the project, P2S provided design peer review, construction support services and commissioning for the central plant, TES system and new chilled water distribution.

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  • Solution

    The feasibility study led directly to our creation of the design-build criteria and design development plans for the new central plant, above ground thermal energy storage tank and a new chilled water distribution system to connect buildings on campus. The central plant is specified to be built in a concrete frame building to house the chillers, pumps, and electrical distribution system. The building will match the college’s architectural style and be located next to the existing cooling tower yard. We also developed the development plans for the new thermal energy storage tank which will be next to the existing theater building and a new chilled water distribution system to connect the new thermal energy storage system to the new central plant and the rest of the campus. Our team is also commissioning the central plant, TES and chilled water system to ensure they are operating as designed. The central plant, TES tank and new chilled water distribution system will reduce Cypress’ energy use by an estimated 1.2 million KWH in 2017.

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