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Glendale Community College

Classroom Building Renovation

  • Location

    Glendale, CA
  • Construction Cost

    $13 million
  • Size

    36,000 SF
  • Delivery Method

  • Market

    Community Colleges
  • Awards

    LEED Silver Certified
  • Classroom transformation gives students a LEED in learning

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  • Project Overview

    Straddling the San Rafael Hills overlooking nearby canyons and parks, Glendale Community College is a diverse, 100-acre center of learning for over 19,000 students. Following through on a 2003 commitment by the college’s board of trustees to have all new construction and retrofits seek LEED certification, Glendale Community trusted our LEED design experts to transform their Garfield campus classrooms into modern sustainable learning environments. We got them the LEED Silver certification they were targeting.

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  • Solution

    Determining the most energy efficient design and construction is never simple. Rigorous LEED standards further complicated the picture. Yet solutions are the beating heart of what we do and our team delivered for Glendale Community. We used special insulation to prevent building heat loss and low-emissivity glass to prevent heat gain, reducing overall HVAC demand. On the roof, we installed rigid insulation and used a white reflective coat to repel heat. The building’s boiler is 88% more efficient and the ductwork features lower velocity to keep fan horsepower to a minimum.

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