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City of Beverly Hills

MAN Fiber Optic & Security Camera Installation

  • Location

    Beverly Hills, CA
  • Market

  • Upgraded security, safer community

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  • Project Overview

    Improving school security was a priority for the City of Beverly Hills. In particular, the city wanted more surveillance on streets adjacent to schools. Our technology team designed the extension of the city’s Municipal Access Network (MAN) Fiber Cable System to support new security cameras outside several of the city’s schools.

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  • Solution

    As part of the project, we designated light poles to utilize for surveillance coverage. We performed an initial assessment to determine whether power would be locally accessible for each camera. The final design used media converters and utilized power over ethernet security cameras on the perimeter of four Beverly Hills school sites. Each camera had to be connected from the school site’s telecommunications room. Media converters were installed inside a NEMA 3R enclosure to transition from single mode fiber to ethernet. The security cameras were then integrated into the existing video surveillance system platform that is managed by city IT network engineers.

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