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Christ Cathedral


  • Commissioning services help an iconic church to begin anew

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  • Project Overview

    P2S Cx is providing Title 24-2016 Part 6 (CALGreen) section 120.8 commissioning services for the renovation of Crystal Cathedral into Christ Cathedral. The multi-story, 79,010 SF glass enclosed cathedral is located in Garden Grove, CA. The cathedral’s interior was renovated to maintain its architecturally significant features and reopened in 2019. The renovated Christ Cathedral features high-efficiency MEP systems and the latest communications, audiovisual and acoustics systems. These new features ensured that the glass cathedral met the latest California Energy Standards.

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  • Solution

    P2S is commissioning the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and building management control systems. We tested systems separately and then tested them all as an integrated system to ensure that they all work correctly. A subcontractor provided the pre-functional checklists and P2S Cx provided functional performance testing (FPT) for MEP systems. We used CxAlloy, a cloud-based commissioning software platform during the commissioning process that tracks all commissioning activities and keeps the commissioning team informed. Our team provided access to CxAlloy and trained the commissioning team in its use. This project’s commissioning adhered to Title 24-2016 Part 6 commissioning requirements and P2S Cx also followed ASHRAE Guideline 0-2013 along with the AABC Commissioning Group and Building Commissioning Association’s best practices standards. We incorporated commissioning requirements into the construction documents as required to comply with Title 24.

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