James J. Peters Bronx VA Medical Center | P2S

James J. Peters Bronx VA Medical Center

Independent Cx Review

  • Location

    The Bronx, New York
  • Construction Cost

    $59 million
  • Market

  • Project Overview

    P2S Cx is providing independent commissioning review for the Design-Build team working on energy efficiency upgrades at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center, a comprehensive teaching and research hospital with 311 hospital beds and 120 nursing home beds in Bronx, New York. P2S is serving as the Commissioning Oversight Manager (Cx-O), acting as an owner representative. Our team is ensuring that the CxA fulfills all relevant duties.

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  • Solution

    The $59 million worth of improvements include efficiency upgrades to the chiller plant, building automation system (BAS) and energy management system (EMS) controls, the HVAC system, lighting, steam distribution system and electric motors and drives. On such a broad and large scale project, coordination and close review of deliverables are key. The challenge was to keep a close eye out for any irregularities in the commissioning process, provide recommendations, track submittals, give technical assistance and provide basic factory acceptance to the full range of Cx support. As a 3rd party responsible for the quality of commissioning deliverables, we reviewed and commented on the project design, organized Cx activities, ensured submittal conformance to the construction documents, coordinated the functional conformance testing schedule, verified seasonal testing, reviewed O&M documentation and training program. We reviewed the controls system to identify any system integration deficiencies and our team went on several site visits to perform on-site assessments to verify the installed systems. We also provided an interim construction review report and will deliver a final commissioning oversight report to the owner. P2S is continuing to work with the energy savings performance contractor (ESCO) team to ensure project deliverables are met and are of consistently high quality.

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