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City of Hope

Parvin Animal Research Lab Building Cx

  • Location

    Duarte, CA
  • Project Dates

    2010 - April 2014
  • Construction Cost

    $58.8 million
  • Size

    20,000 SF
  • Delivery Method

    Design - Build
  • Market

  • Better research facilities through commissioning

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  • Project Overview

    The Parvin Animal Research Laboratory at the City of Hope was built in 1987 and has approximately 20,000 SF of research facilities, including animal holding rooms, necropsy and operating rooms, cart wash and sterilization functions. The building also has a vivarium which was not originally built as a lab, resulting in ventilation systems not optimized for lab use.

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  • Solution

    Our commissioning team helped bring the vivarium issue and other facility concerns up to standard by zoning the area with new air conditioning units, exhaust fans, duct work, heating equipment, steam generators, humidifiers, soft water system, domestic and industrial hot water systems, back flow preventers, pumping systems, electrical branch circuiting, piping, ductwork and more. New pressure monitors modulate fan speed to maintain the required air flow at each exhaust air inlet. These improvements resulted in improved comfort and better pressurization controls which created a more comfortable, safer and cleaner working environment for lab students and researchers. We coordinated closely with the entire project team for a phased approach, which allowed the facility to remain open during commissioning.

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