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UC San Diego

Mandeville Hall - Monitoring-Based Cx

  • Location

    San Diego, CA
  • Project Dates

    November 2010 - June 2013
  • Construction Cost

    $5.5 million
  • Size

    63,111 SF
  • Delivery Method

    Job Order Contract (JOC)
  • Market

    Public University
  • Monitoring-based commissioning yields tens of thousands in energy savings

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  • Project Overview

    UCSD’s Mandeville Hall is part of the arts-focused Mandeville Center. The two-story building contains a library, offices and common areas. The university wanted to improve building systems performance and cut energy consumption. They hired our energy specialists to conduct ongoing commissioning services to assist the university’s building improvement program. Our team identified deteriorating equipment, improved performance, and cut energy consumption; qualifying UCSD for a nice incentive from the utility company.

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  • Solution

    Our team corrected several mechanical issues at Mandeville Hall including: AHU supply temperature reset, reduced simultaneous cooling and heating, adjusted building and boiler room operating hours to better align with actual occupancy, implemented static pressure reset for AHU supply fans and converted fan coil controls to direct digital controls to match the rest of the building. These operational issues—some simple, some not—would most likely have gone unnoticed if not for the monitoring-based commissioning process. Many small, simple fixes can lead to big energy savings and performance improvements.

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  • Savings

    254,863 kWh Annual Savings

    6,184 Therm Annual Savings

    $23,429 Total Annual Savings

    $143,360 Implementation Cost

    $67,351 Incentive

    3.2 Year Simple Payback

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