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Port of Long Beach

Pier E: Terminal Container Yard/Intermodal Railyard Redevelopment Stage 1, 2, and 3

  • Project Overview

    P2S is the lead electrical engineer and sub-consultant to Parsons Transportation for the Pier E Intermodal Yard (IY). P2S completed the initial load estimates for the IY cranes, compressor building, and railyard controls. P2S participated in project scoping meetings for site development and planning. P2S conducted an on-site assessment to identify demolition and construction phasing requirements in advance of detailed design. The project design was completed in three stages and included 12,000V, 480V, and low-voltage systems. The IY required the construction of a compressor building, container scanning systems, detection systems, gate controls, trailing motor cable pits for RMG electrification, and maintenance station and outlets. A detailed construction cost estimate was produced for each phase of construction. The cost estimate unit pricing was updated for each stage. P2S processed the plans for each stage of design through plan check, completed construction administration, and close-out services.

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  • Solution

    P2S activities include development of design concept, preparation of concept plans for power and communications, cost estimating, development of Basis of Design and electrical specifications, service coordination with utility and terminal operator, design coordination with other disciplines, preparation of plans and specifications suitable for plan check and bid, preparation of project support documentation including system studies and calculations, and engineering and construction support.

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