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Holy Cross Medical Center

Hybrid Operating Room & Cath Lab

  • Smart design and phased construction get new operating room ready for patients

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  • Project Overview

    We’re working with Sautter Architecture to provide the mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for a new multi-room Hybrid OR and Cath Lab suites. Cath Labs 1-3 will replace an existing OR, procedure and radiography room and the hospital’s existing Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) will be relocated to make way for the new Hybrid OR suite. The hospital requires rooms to remain operational during the project, so both the OR and Cath Lab suites are designed to be constructed in three separate phases while providing temporary power and HVAC systems during construction.

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  • Solution

    Our team will include electric humidifiers in the new HVAC system to ensure that the operating room and Cath Labs maintain 20%-60% relative humidity as required per code. Other items within the project scope are demolition plans for the existing MEP systems, design plans for the new air handling unit and two new exhaust fans and assistance with construction administration once construction begins. The new air handling unit will be installed prior to the start of any demolition work, to have zero downtime during construction phases. The air distribution system will be fitted with pressure independent supply and return terminals which will assure continuous airflow and maintain pressure in the rooms during construction and phasing. The system will reset the operating rooms airflows automatically to the minimum air-changes required by OSHPD when the rooms are unoccupied at night to save energy.

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