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Cal State Long Beach

Housing Administration Office Building CM

  • Location

    Long Beach, CA
  • Dates

    June 2020 - August 2021
  • Construction Budget

    $21.1 Million
  • Market

    Public University
  • Project Overview

    The $21.1 million Housing Administration Office building project on Earl Warren Drive is the first of its kind in the CSU system. With high sustainability and energy efficiency goals, it is aiming to achieve Living Building Challenge (LBC) certification. The building has already achieved LEED v4 BD+C Platinum certification. Notable sustainable strategies include net positive water, energy and waste strategies such as utilizing reclaimed water for landscape irrigation and toilet flushing to save potable water usage, utilizing rooftop canopy photovoltaic arrays to offset building energy needs, and achieving 95% diversion of construction waste from landfills. Additional sustainable elements include red-list chemical free construction, best-in-class user controllability including operable windows, 100% thermal controllability, and access to daylight and views throughout. This 12,000+SF project consists of a one-story Housing Administration Offices building and Hillside Commons, a 2-story building, that includes a community kitchen and living rooms, conference and practice rooms, student office rooms on the first floor and (5) residential apartments to accommodate temporary faculty and VIP accommodations on the second floor.

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  • Solution

    The project aimed to set a new standard for CSU and higher education, and serve as a model for future high-performance buildings. In addition to the challenges of dealing with a fast-paced project required to meet the highest efficiency and sustainable standards to date, the project faced significant challenges from the beginning. One challenge was the demolition of the old office building near a site that has significant historic and cultural importance. In addition, the project suffered substantial setbacks during COVID-19 pandemic, both in terms of executing the project with limited and socially distanced crews and lingering supply chain issues, especially for materials that are to be red-listed chemical-free to comply with the stringent LBC requirements. CSULB and the CM team as an extension of staff worked diligently with all stakeholders and creatively navigated all the hurdles to successfully completed the project. The building now serves as a major social hub on campus and a state-of-the-art work place.

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