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Cal State University, Northridge

Emergency Generators Study and Design

  • Location

    Northridge, CA
  • Project Dates:

    December 2017 - August 2020
  • Market

    Public University
  • Project Overview

    P2S provided a load study and design for emergency generators for several buildings on California State University Northridge’s campus. The team evaluated the capacities of proposed generators to support emergency loads. After verifying which loads required backup power, P2S determined the most suitable locations for the generators and transfer switches/panelboards. Skillful P2S engineers designed solutions to connect existing panelboards to the new emergency power system with minimal rewiring.

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  • Solution

    Our team performed a load analysis of all the science buildings (Eucalyptus Hall, Citrus Hall, Magnolia Hall, Live Oak Hall, and Bianchi Planetarium) and determined that providing a single generator to serve all the buildings would be more cost-effective and efficient than providing multiple generators for the buildings. The team provided a 1250kW, 480V emergency generator in a weatherproof sound attenuated enclosure with a 24-hour sub-base tank to serve the science buildings. Each building has its own Dedicated Automatic Transfer Switches to serve life safety and standby loads. A 6000 SF concrete enclosure houses the generator and it will provide life safety and standby power to the science buildings to ensure that any power outage does not lead to loss of research for the users.

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