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Cal State Long Beach

Library Chiller Plant Feasibility Study & Design

  • Location

    Long Beach, CA
  • Project Date

    September 2016 – June 2017
  • Market

    Public University
  • Chiller plant study and design lead the way for more comfortable study time

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  • Project Overview

    We conducted a feasibility study to replace two existing 380-ton chillers serving CSULB’s Library building. The study addressed the available chiller options, including the feasibility of incorporating a heat recovery chiller at the Library plant to serve both the cooling and heating loads. After we presented our recommendation to campus CSULB contracted P2S to complete the design.

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  • Solution

    To start the study our team ventured into the field to investigate existing conditions. We then provided a load study to determine proposed chiller capacities, created a pipe flow model of the south portion of the chilled water loop serving the five existing buildings, and evaluated integration of these buildings with the proposed chillers. Finally, we drafted a report outlining existing conditions, capacities and layout of proposed chillers, along with our recommendations and their associated costs. For the design project, we completed design of a replacement plant which included an expanded mechanical room with space for a future heat recovery chiller.

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