Vina Nguyen | P2S

Vina Nguyen


Commissioning Agent

Vina Nguyen’s five-year commissioning experience has covered a variety of different facilities including K-12 schools, higher education facilities, pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, medical offices, tenant improvement office spaces, airports, and data centers. She has executed commissioning activities such as reviewing design drawings, equipment submittal, controls programming and point to point checkout reviews, creating equipment specific pre-functional checklists and detailed functional performance test plans for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, and generating final commissioning reports and compiling systems manuals. She has performed tasks such as site observations for installation verification, TAB verification, witnessing equipment startup, and leading functional performance testing. Completing these duties in a wide array of projects has exposed her to many different types of building systems and taught her to quickly adapt to ever changing demands of each project.

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