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Kent Peterson

Vice President

PE, ASHRAE Presidential Fellow, LEED AP BD+C, BEAP, MCIBSE

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Designers are sometimes faced with the challenge of interfacing remote heat recovery chillers (HRCs) in buildings that are connected to large campus chilled water systems. This month, I provide some design tips on how these remote chillers can provide local heating while supplying both local cooling and chilled water back into the campus chilled water distribution system.

Understanding the Issues

When faced with a new challenge in hydronic systems, it is important to break down the problem into smaller objectives that need to be accomplished with the design alternative. These objectives can be hydraulic issues, control issues, life-cycle cost issues, and more. The author has seen an increase in remote HRCs in large campus distribution systems in recent years. These can be in many forms when they are connected to a chilled water distribution system. HRCs can be used to meet or supplement the local building heating requirements while utilizing the benefit of the simultaneous cooling to cool the building or export this by-product to the campus chilled water distribution loop. Single or multiple
chillers can be installed in a building to provide additional redundancy if the main system is not reliable for critical loads. Whatever the situation, it is always critical to understand the various modes of intended operation to determine the optimum piping arrangement and control schemes.

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